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WordPress for Large Enterprise

The Challenge

Commvault is a publicly traded software company. Their Intelligent Data Services offers their customers protection, storage, and use of their data. They also come to help with disaster recovery and compliance reporting.  

Showcasing the vast number of services they offer was challenging. Visitors needed to find what they were looking for with a few clicks.

At the same time, Commvault’s marketing team had to be able to create content in multiple languages in a simple way. Fortunately, WordPress, with the help of native Gutenberg, made this easier.

The solution

We radically improved the admin UI/UX experience, so editors from Commvault could seamlessly enter the content they wanted. We also recreated the main navigation menu for visitors to spend fewer clicks finding what they were looking for. 

Another design agency provided a new design guide, and we rebuilt most of the existing Gutenberg blocks following the new guidelines.

We also enhanced the search logic and how results were displayed as part of the end goal of making content more accessible.