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WordPress for Large Enterprise

The Challenge

Northeastern University is a private university that enrolls more than 15.000 thousand students. It offers different undergraduate or graduate programs on its main campus in Boston, as well as satellite campuses across all the US.

One of their greatest digital communication’s challenge was to have an agile platform that let communication managers create campaigns in a matter of minutes following Northeastern’s brand system.

By the time, they were using different frameworks for developing their college or department’s websites, as well as different hosting solutions, making it difficult to maintain and creating excessive overhead.

The solution

We were asked to adapt their UI Framework into a WordPress theme. This framework, named kernl, was a result of years of work and included different layers that covered Accessibility, Plugin’s Management, Search Features, among others.

We relied on the starter theme Sage 10, which is one of the most popular open-source project in php, from the Roots project, which we have been using and supporting since 2014.

We developed a “Block and Component” Based theme using Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), Blade Templating features, and a combination of Tailwind and AlpineJS for the front-end.

What we achieved?


Off all the websites around the world, 34% has been built using WordPress.


Of the top 1 million websites uses WordPress as their platform.


There is no enterprise CMS competitor who can get closer to WP market size at this time.