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Case Study

Plant Based News

Explore how 40Q transformed Plant Based News with a revamped UI, optimized performance, and sustainable dev support.

Plant Based News, a premier online resource for plant-based news, faced challenges with their website’s user interface, performance, and development support. The goal was to enhance the admin UI for content generation, especially on the homepage, improve SEO through performance optimization, and establish reliable developer support.


Addressing Digital Hurdles

Plant Based News struggled with a poorly designed admin UI, which hampered efficient content management. Performance issues were negatively impacting their SEO, and previous experiences with developer support had been unsatisfactory.

The need for a comprehensive digital engineering service was critical to their continued growth and reach.


Improved Backend and Performance Gain

40Q stepped in to revitalize Plant Based News’ digital experience. We revamped their custom theme, built with Sage, integrating the power of Laravel and its Blade template engine for a seamless editorial experience.

A strong focus was placed on enhancing performance by refining the code and implementing best practices, significantly improving website speed and usability.


Sustained Growth and Enhanced Autonomy

The improvements led to a steady increase in visitors over two years, marked improvements in site security, and enhanced performance.

Plant Based News now enjoys a more autonomous platform, with reduced dependence on developers for updates, allowing them to adapt swiftly to the fast-paced news environment.

Our partnership with 40Q has transformed our website, enhancing user experience and communication. Their technical expertise and reliable support have been invaluable, providing us with a strong sense of security.

Xisca Taylor

Operations Manager
Plant Based News

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