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3 Top Notch Universities Sites Using WordPress

Martin Szigeti

Apr 24, 2024 | 5 min to read

Take a look at these three higher education websites using WordPress as CMS. These sites prove that when you bring in the specialists, your imagination can run wild. Let’s dive in and see how creative you can get with WordPress.

Image displaying three websites home page

More and more universities across the globe are turning to WordPress as their preferred Content Management System (CMS) for building and managing their websites. One of the primary reasons is its user-friendly interface, which allows non-technical individuals like faculty, staff, and even students to contribute to content creation.

The cost-effectiveness of WordPress, combined with its open-source nature, makes it a great option for all types of institutions. WordPress empowers users to create and manage dynamic elements such as blog posts, pages, and multimedia content effortlessly. It also can manage multisites, making it perfect for universities managing different schools.

While some people may see WordPress as simple and limited, a team of experts can help you build large-scale, fully custom sites. Here are three examples of universities using WordPress as their CMS.


If you have doubts about WordPress’s suitability for universities of all sizes, look at the Stanford website. Stanford utilizes WordPress to show all its campus information, programs, schools, and news.

Screenshot of Stanford University homepage

Stanford University’s website stands out among others with its sleek and modern design, capturing attention through a simple interface that is easy to navigate. The site is well-organized, ensuring visitors can find all the information they need with just a few clicks. It caters to different audiences, including prospective students, faculty, current students, and alumni. Moreover, its responsive design ensures seamless access across various devices, enhancing user experience. The site is rather large and includes all the different schools and a news section, making it a one-stop place for all the university information. With its integration of multimedia elements such as videos and interactive maps, Stanford’s website offers an engaging and immersive browsing experience.

What we liked

  • Sleek and modern design
  • Easy-to-navigate interface
  • Well-organized layout
  • Comprehensive resources for various audiences
  • Inclusion of multimedia elements for enhanced engagement
  • Regularly updated news section
  • Integration of social media feeds for community engagement
  • Responsive design for seamless browsing on different devices
Screenshot of Stanford University site

Can be improved

Screenshot of Stanford University site
  • Limited customization options for users
  • Some pages may feel overwhelming due to extensive content
  • Occasional slow loading times, especially on mobile devices
  • Accessibility features could be further improved
  • Minimal interactive features beyond standard navigation


If you think WordPress is outdated and antiquated, take a look at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design website. It combines animations and interactivity for a fresh and vibrant look, providing a more contemporary experience.

Screenshot of Rocky Mountain College of Art homepage

Despite its modern and visually appealing design, this website effectively delivers all the information about the college’s programs, events, and campus life. The use of multimedia throughout the site enhances the user experience, providing a whole new level of engagement. Additionally, each program has its own unique style while maintaining the overall design and communication style of the website. This cohesive approach ensures that visitors can easily navigate the site and find the information they need while enjoying a visually rich experience.

What we liked

  • Visually appealing design
  • Effective delivery of program information, events, and campus life details
  • Excellent use of multimedia throughout the site
  • Unique style for each program while maintaining overall design consistency
  • Easy navigation and accessibility of information
Animated GIF of a section of Rocky Mountain College of Art

Can be improved

Screenshot of Rocky Mountain College of Art website
  • Limited accessibility features for users with disabilities
  • Some pages may load slowly due to heavy multimedia content
  • Lack of interactive features for student engagement
  • Limited customization options for user preferences
  • Potential difficulty in finding specific information due to the abundance of multimedia elements


Northeastern University’s website stands out for its professional design, responsive layout, and intuitive content organization.

Screenshot of Northeastern University  homepage

This site was developed by 40Q using our FAS™ Block System. With a sleek and modern aesthetic, it exudes professionalism, reinforcing the institution’s credibility. The website’s responsiveness ensures a seamless user experience across devices, prioritizing accessibility and engagement. Its well-organized content makes navigation effortless, allowing visitors to find relevant information easily.

Screenshot of Northeastern University back office

40Q collaboration wasn’t just about tech upgrades; it was a journey to reshape their digital story, equipping them with powerful tools to boost their online presence.

For this project, we collaborated closely with the Northeastern internal team, ensuring we comprehensively understood all the university’s needs and pain points. Working hand in hand, we developed a tailor-made theme based on their brand identity and functional requirements, aiming to enhance both user experience and website manageability.

Our efforts resulted in substantial time and cost savings, boosting the productivity of their internal team by reducing technical and development dependencies. This made producing new content faster and easier than ever before.

Read the whole case by clicking here and learn how 40Q can help you to boost your digital presence.

Still not sure about WordPress for your site? We’ve put together a comprehensive guide tailored specifically for universities. Download your free copy now and uncover all the advantages of using WordPress as your CMS.

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Martin Szigeti